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Cranberry Woodlands is a pixelart-style survival game which drops you into a dangerous, randomly generated forestland! Your aim is to escape the woodlands by finding and opening the locked gateway that leads out of the woods. The road isn't easy, though! The grounds are inhabited by bloodthirsty beasts and beings.

Randomly generated areas

All of the areas in Cranberry Woodlands are randomly generated, giving you a different adventure every time you play.

Play with a mate!

With 3 player characters to choose from and both a single-player as well as a split-screen 2-player mode included, you can tailor your gameplay session according to your wishes.

Easy controls

Cranberry Woodlands' controls are classic and simple to learn. All you need is a keyboard.

To recap, here's a quick summary of the features:

  • Randomly generated environments for great replay value
  • Enemies of varying types
  • A single-player mode as well as a splitscreen two-player mode
  • Some helpful items! :)

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